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A brand new erotic urban fantasy franchise from two of ACHE's best-selling authors begins... 

A Second Bite at the Cherry, Paul Garland

One More Second Chance, by GK Grayson.

Love, temptation, and the allure of "what if" intertwine in this spellbinding erotic urban fantasy series. When ordinary couples are presented with the extraordinary chance to make wishes and revisit their pasts, they find themselves caught between old flames, unexplored desires, and roads not taken.


In each book of the sensual Wishing Faery chronicles, a couple's enduring love and commitment faces its ultimate test. As they navigate the turbulent waters of passion, temptation, and desire, they discover that even wishes come at a price.


From the vibrance of young love to the intricacies of long-term relationships, these mesmerizing tales delve deep into the human heart. Join authors Paul Garland's and GK Grayson's memorable couples as they learn that while the past is potent, love has the power to conquer all—even the most enchanting fantasies.


Let the magic sweep you away on an unforgettable journey that reveals the true meaning of love. Discover why readers are falling under the sensual and erotic spell of The Wishing Faery Chronicles.

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