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Our Authors

GKG Avatar.jpg

GK specializes in hotwife and soft cuckold erotica, with a focus  on power exchange relationships. He likes writing about women that own their sexuality and couples that explore new sensual experiences, because he admires the courage they display in taking these actions.

His writing career started when the muse hit him in 2014. Now, with 70-plus books and novellas, his writing is still going strong. He believes that all erotica needs to be anchored in the reality of the life the couple is sharing with each other. That informs every decision about plot and character.

You can find GK online at:

You are welcome to email me at

Jordan Smithson Avatar.jpg

Jordan found a love for BDSM early. Recently, hard cuckold has been added to the mix.  

Jordan's stories will be harder core erotica than our other offerings, with significant BDSM pain play and hard cuckold with humiliation and submission.  

You can find Jordan online at:

You are welcome to email your question at

George Keith Avatar.jpg

George loves fantasy, thrillers, and steamy romances, typically with a magical or supernatural component. His stories focus more on the human side of the story, as opposed to the erotica of our other authors. Though all his stories retain that steamy edge. 

His writing career started in 2019 when he had an idea for a guy that used mind-control. His latest is an entry into the world of erotic horror when an innocent wife brings a haunted mirror into their bedroom.  

You are welcome to email me at

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