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Jordan Smithson


Rapture at SC BL
Supplying What She Needs BL
She Needed Him BL
Finding What We Need BL
Officer on the Scene BL
Given to the Doms BL
Finding My Mistress

Stories from Bianca's Private Reserve series

When she first started Bianca’s Private Reserve, Bianca wanted a club that catered to the domination/submission needs of women, both for those needing to be dominated and those that love to be the Domme. The clientèle had migrated a little since then, becoming an eclectic mix of men and women. Both sides of the power play equation were served, though women, and the occasional male submissive, remained the primary customers. Join us for Stories from Bianca’s Private Reserve, where clients share how Bianca delivers a new level of pleasure, one submissive at a time.

Flying Wild 1 London

Flying Wild at the Players' Club series

Brooklyn was bored with life behind a desk. At 22, she wanted something more exciting. Her Uncle Jack, a retired pilot, recommended she become a Flight Attendant, to try 'flying into the wild.' Little did she know how right he was. Her life would never be the same. The start of a new 5-part series.

Macy 1 BL
Macy 2 BL

Macy Takes Control series

Terence yearned to witness his wife in the passionate embrace of another man. When it happened, Macy’s need for control pushed him deeper into the realms of domination and submission than he expected.

HCL1 - Surprise BL
HCL2 - Deeper BL
HCL3 - Growing BL
Learning to Love Along the Way BL

His Cuckold Life

Kasen knows he is not meeting his wife’s growing needs. Will he grow to resent his wife and her lovers, or will he find bliss, as a submissive cuckold?

True Sub Week 1 BL
True Sub 2 BL
True Sub 3 BL
Kellys Training Bundle BL

Kelly's Training series

Kelly is a 19-year-old college student that runs into the Hernandez family. They recognize her as a true submissive. She agrees to their four-week training program. Can she submit to their sexual will?

JOY 1 - Submission BL
JOY 2 - Giving BL
JOY 3 - New Experiences BL
Feeling the Joy Bundle BL

The Joy of Submission

Grant and Alexandra had to make a serious adjustment in their sex life after Grant confessed his desire to be sexually submissive in the bedroom. Follow their adventures as Gavin comes to terms with this new desire and Alex finds she enjoys being his Mistress.

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