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GK Grayson: Understanding Cuckolds

Cuckoldry is probably the most misunderstood role in all of erotica-land. For Sex, Love & Relationships on

This is the first of an ongoing series of essays on the erotica industry. Comments are welcome on DM through Twitter (@gkgrayson) or Discord (@GKGrayson), or by sending an email (

Since the 13th century, when the term ‘cuckold’ meant simply the husband of an adulterous wife, it has been generally viewed as a pejorative, used to express contempt or disapproval of a weak man unable to control his own wife. If your wife cheats on you, then you are said to have been ‘cuckolded’. In its simplest form, the word still means that today.

But in the modern world of erotica, there is now an almost infinite variety of cuckolding. Maybe this is because everyone seems to look at the phrase differently. It has morphed to describe an array of possibilities. Everything from a guy that gets aroused by having his wife have sex with other men. To a simpering wimp whose wife walks all over him for fun, actively humiliating him with her parade of men.


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