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GK Grayson: The Demon in the Mirror (

Dagon takes her for the first time. This is an excerpt from a new book, Capturing Her Dreams: Incubus (Book 1), an erotic horror story. The first of a 3-part series, Capturing Her Dreams. On

Blakely is a 45-year-old mother of three who bought an antique free-standing mirror, thinking it would bring some warmth to her family’s modern decor. What she doesn’t know is that this mirror has a 1600-year-old incubus demon trapped inside. Dagon has been imprisoned there since 1888, and is eager to break free. The demon inside subtly intensifies her deeply hidden desires by controlling her dreams and presenting ever more graphic fantasies in the mirror. If he can pull her in completely, it is possible to kill her in transit, escaping during the exchange. This is the story of the first time he brought her into a vision… into the mirror…. back to Rome, 417 AD…


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