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GK Grayson: The Cheating Wife

A thriving subgenre with significant backlash potential for unwary authors. For Sex, Love & Relationships on

This is the second of an ongoing, though irregular, series of essays on the erotica trade we all love. Comments are welcome on DM through Twitter (@gkgrayson) or Discord (@GKGrayson), or by sending an email (

Last essay, we discussed cuckold erotica, with its almost infinite variety of everything from ‘hubby driving wife to take a lover’ to ‘hubby humiliated by the wife as she pursues her pleasure whether he likes it or not’. The fundamental difference is whether the couple agrees with the action being taken.

Sometimes, the spouse doesn’t care what the partner thinks and goes on their own. This is the core tenet of the ‘cheating wife’ story. Seldom ‘cheating husband’, mind you. There are a few of those, but the vast majority of the erotica version remains cheating wives.

Let’s face it, cheating spouses have been with us since the invention of marriage. Whether it’s from boredom, the return of a high school flame, escaping emotional abuse, or just a ‘mistake’ after a drunken night, couples often hit a lull in their relationships which brings one spouse to find an outlet with a new partner.

Despite these being common, the attitudes about cheating remain. The backlash against ‘cheating wife’ erotica stories can be quite intense, especially for hotwife/cuckold erotica and romance authors who introduce a stray cheating component into their stories.

Many hotwife/cuckold authors I know have done cheating wife stories in one form or another. Almost all of them report unexpected reactions from some readers. Everything from outrage they would write them to demands for trigger warnings that there is cheating in the story.


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