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GK Grayson: The Basketball Player and the Hotwife, Part 4 (

Inviting their friend to join sends their marriage in a brand new direction. From ACHE (Authors of Cuckold and Hotwife Erotica). The conclusion of a 4-part series on

My name is Rhett, and I love playing basketball. As I grew up, all I did was play every chance I could. Then my height came. Now, I was attending college on a full scholarship. The coach paired me with a guy from Nigeria, named Bako, a 6-foot-10 tree trunk that would not be moved if he didn’t want to be moved. He quickly became my best friend on the team. My 6-foot-8 frame and killer 3-point stroke, plus Bako’s dominance of the paint, had us on our way.

After a big conference victory, a woman came to ask for an autograph. Her sparkling eyes and jiggling breasts left me almost embarrassed at my hunger to see more. Her husband later invited me to their home, where they introduced me to a new level of kinkiness. The hotwife/cuckold lifestyle, they called it. She had become my free use hotwife, willing to do anything I want. Now I wanted to included my friend to our playing. I was sure he would like it.


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