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Rapture at the Supper Club

Now Available! Rapture was one of my favorite books to write because it came out of an idea for an ending. I wrote that first and then built the story to support the ending.

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The hammer of corporate life had forced CJ & Ingrid to take their eyes off each other. There was a strong love there, sure, but after 15 years, their marriage had become stale, almost lifeless. When his company invited him to become head of a new division in a large Midwestern city, they both jumped at the chance. They thought it would be a good way to start fresh, meet new people and maybe even jump start their bedroom as well. The job came with a paid membership to a country club. We looked around and settled on the Smithfield Supper Club, the place where they thought all the movers & shakers would be found in our new hometown. Little did they know that business was not what they were moving & shaking. They had received an invitation because the members wanted Ingrid to join the special participation group buried at the heart of the Club. The only question now is how far CJ & Ingrid are willing to go as the members pull them deeper into their erotic web.


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