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Stacy's Submission


Series: Stacy Emerges (Book 3)

The odd part of Stacy's emergence as an openly sexual being was how quickly it came. We had played with sexual fire, got burned a little along the way, but emerged at the other end with a stronger relationship; and had incredibly exciting sex along the way. Stacy has been completely transformed. I cannot even tell you how much I love this woman. We are now happier as a couple than I can ever remember. Still, it remains surprising to me, her husband of 18 years now, how genuinely different she is today than when we first met. A calmer, focused and more true-to-herself Stacy has emerged. And she seems happier to boot!

Along the way, Stacy discovered some limits were necessary, I discovered the cuckold role was a mixed blessing for me, and Stacy learned she was a natural submissive. During one of our early play sessions with Ethan, we started role-playing a little, getting more forceful with her. Neither Ethan nor I thought it was anything excessive, but Stacy simply went wild. Her orgasms were the strongest I had ever seen. Now, she wants to do more submission. She wants to see how deep she can go into subspace and how strong those orgasms will grow. She has become addicted to both the pleasure and the pain. Truth is, I am also interested in seeing where this takes us. When she drops into subspace, my own 'inner-Master' calls me. We are once again dancing on the edge between desire-fulfillment and danger. Can we stay on that edge? Stacy wants to find out and I am her willing partner.


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