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Stacy Emerges


Series: Stacy Emerges (Book 2)

The threesome with Ethan had awakened something inside Stacy that Stan was struggling to understand. It excited him every time they played, but the increasing frequency of her need and his rock-hard reaction to each session created a worry inside: is he becoming a side-show to her sexual thrills? How far would she go? Were there any limits to her emerging desires?

Their play had spiced up their sex life, super-charged it beyond even his wildest imaginings. The threesome with Ethan was an incredible joy ride of sexual ecstasy, but Stacy came out a vastly different lover, her appetite to feed her ‘inner-slut’ growing with each orgasm. She now needed more than Stan could provide. A greater concern, Stan feared, was that he was also a slave to her desire. Something was loose inside him as well. He loved watching her moaning while stuffed by other men. God help him, but he loved it.


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