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GK Grayson: Sharing My Wife With My Roommates (Part 7)

When my wife got off the plane for her free use weekend, she was eager to get started! For Tantalizing Tales on

I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I arranged for her to come on an earlier flight so we could talk before the weekend started. We needed to clarify some rules of the road before things got out of hand at the house. I still felt nervous about what I had agreed to and what this meant for our future.

A different woman walked off that plane! Sandy had done her auburn hair in a wavy style that cascaded over her shoulders, allowing that hair to highlight her already glowing, should I say ‘eager’ smile! Her eyes simply sparkled with excitement.

She fed my growing cuckold desires and made sure I understod what was to come. Inside, I cringed as her signals grew increasingly clear. She would do what she wanted.


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