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GK Grayson: Sharing My Wife With My Roommates (Part 5)

Talking to Tom about her fantasy opens a door that my wife is eager to walk through. For Tantalizing Tales on

Sandy is eager but first her husband must be convinced. Tom lays out the options for taking his wife, feeding Kadon's growing cuckold desires.

Truth is, there was never any question Sandy wanted to do it. It wasn’t like her ‘men’ were planning on her behalf. Sandy had made it clear in many discussions. She had already decided.

It was her husband that had to be convinced. This negotiation was for Kadon to come to grips with what it meant for the future. And to understand how deep his need was to let her. Unfortunately, that nervousness about what this meant for their future would not go away.

But a decision had to be made. There was no question. His wife wanted to be shared.


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