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Seduced By My Client: A First-Time FFM Hotwife Story

A GK Grayson FFM Hotwife Story

What would my husband say if he found out I was having feelings for someone else? While working with a new client, I have been experiencing unexpected feelings toward them, toward her.

Harper Boudreaux is the client. A gorgeous older marketing executive that has picked up on my curiosity and has been openly trying to seduce me. I seem powerless to resist her. After I finally give in to her desires, I come home and confess my sins to my husband, Jake.

His reaction is a surprise… hurt by the secrecy and betrayal, yet excited by my newfound passion. Jake’s always wanted a hotwife but never had the courage to broach the topic. He eagerly encourages me to pursue my new desires as long as there are no more secrets.

Will this be a mistake? Can our marriage survive as Harper leads me down a path filled with HER dark desires? What happens when her growing command over me leaves Jake wondering what’s left for him?


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