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Page Wants More: An Erotic Novella

This is BOOK 2 of the ‘Page Becomes a Hotwife’ series.

Page was a faithful, loving wife to Nick for ten years. She was not interested in another man until Taylor entered her life. After her husband encouraged her to spend the night with him, as his hotwife, things would never be the same. She wanted more.

Anxious for more, Nick has asked Taylor to take care of Page for an entire weekend while he leaves town for a long-planned fishing trip. Taylor has even pledged to find some friends to help make Page's fantasies come true.

But was she ready? For the pleasure… the constant touch for days on end… and for the stress it would place on her relationship with her husband?

Page would soon find out. This hotwife has a weekend full of discovery ahead.

A GK Grayson Interracial Hotwife Story


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