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Our Celtic Awakening: Flynn's Journey

Our Celtic Awakening: Flynn's Journey, is a magical erotic thriller, co-authored with Peter G Johnson.

Going live April 14th, but available for pre-order on Amazon now.

This has been a labor of love for both Peter and I as we have toyed with doing a book together for some time. The result was even better than expected. So much fun to write. There is a lot of hot scenes here, but the story is about magic and what happens to people that ignore warnings about the power of that magic. Hope you enjoy it! The first of a three-book series.

Many couples throughout the English-speaking world have family links to the remoter parts of Scotland, Ireland and England. The land at the very edge of Europe, before land and civilization gives way to the swirling mists and stormy seas that separate Old World from New.

Aiden and Flynn Walsh were one such couple. When they flew to Scotland to sort out family matters after the passing of a barely known uncle, they thought it would just be a brief trip of sight-seeing and dry legal meetings.

Little did they know that this simple family journey would be the start of an odyssey that would shake their lives and marriage to the very core. Leading to experiences with magic artifacts and lust that belonged more in the pages of Tolkien or Lady Chatterley’s Lover, than in the modern world of the 21st Century.

The start of a new Hotwife Trilogy from the pens of GK Grayson and Peter G Johnson.


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