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GK GRAYSON: NEW BOOK: Haunted for Pleasure

My first Halloween book, and my first new book on Kindle Unlimited in some time. Hope you enjoy my take on the haunted mansion. This ghost knows what he wants!

A GK Grayson Wife Sharing / Supernatural Story

When their friends settled on the Cabin on Pleasure Mountain for their vacation together, the week before Halloween, Niles & Larissa thought it would be one of their typical group trips, getting reacquainted and sharing beautiful mountain vistas.

Yet when they arrived, they were greeted by a man, dressed like a cowboy just off a cattle drive, that called himself ‘The Host.’ Randall fixed meals & drinks, cleaned up, and promised to take care of whatever needs anyone had. All the wives instinctively knew what needs he had in mind.

You see, Randall was not like anyone these couples had ever met. He had a ‘gift’ that would send them in new directions, encouraging sharing in unexpected and exciting ways.

Come along for a scorching hot ride as these middle-aged friends discover the truth of Randall and what his ‘gift’ means for them, both as couples and as friends.

Haunted for Pleasure’ features explicit scenes of an adult nature, with wife-sharing and group sex themes.


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