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GK Grayson: My Wife Was His Friend with Benefits

The first in a 6-book series called 'The Evolution of Marriage'.

When Dean, my biggest customer, invited me out to spend the weekend with his new ‘friend with benefits’, I didn’t expect my own wife to be on offer. The woman he knew as Amy, his FWB, was actually my wife, Amber. We had separated a few months before because of my ignoring her for years, in favor of business.

I wanted her back so badly, but I couldn’t reveal the truth, for fear that this client would pull all his business. Amber took advantage of this situation. She wanted to punish me for all the years of neglect. Our weekend at the Bear Lake cabin had suddenly become my chance to learn what the term ‘cuckold’ meant.

Little did I know, this hard start would launch our relationship in an entirely new direction.

A GK Grayson Wife Sharing Story


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