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GK Grayson: My Husband Shares Me With My Mistress

The fifth in a 6-book series called 'The Evolution of Marriage'.

Sherri and Becky were an ‘item’ in high school. An unconventional item, to be sure, as Sherri dominated Becky and taught her to be submissive to whomever Sherri selected. But as often happens, they both went to different colleges and grew apart, but not out of touch. Becky eventually falls in love again and marries her husband, Jerry.

In the years following, Sherri would visit and eventually moved back to town. She develops a friendship with Jerry but does not want to interfere with Becky’s marriage... until she can no longer resist. On Jerry’s next business trip out of town, Sherri knocks on their door, demanding Becky become her submissive lover once again.

Will Becky choose her Mistress over her husband, or is there another alternative? A proposal for sharing which might include a new way of living for all three of them?

A GK Grayson Wife Sharing / FFM / BDSM Story


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