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Learning to Love Along the Way

This is a bundle of the entire His Cuckold Life series, containing three previously released books.

Surprise Along the Way: A Cuckolds Fall to Submission (Book 1)

Kasen knows he is not meeting his wife’s growing needs. Especially after she tells him how active her sex life had been before they married, how much she misses that. His arousal at the stories surprised them both. When it becomes clear that no one man can satisfy her needs, he must make a tough choice. Will he grow to resent his wife and her lovers, or will he find bliss, as a submissive cuckold?

Deeper Along the Way: A Cuckold Learns His Place (Book 2)

Julie has been pushing her husband Kasen further down into the rabbit hole of his cuckold desires. Each fall to a lower stage leaves him feeling more powerless, yet even more aroused. Along the way, he has discovered a love of submission to his wife’s growing needs. Now, a new player has entered their cozy world. A man who takes them in unexpected directions. A man who comes to own them both. How much deeper can Kasen and Julie go before their marriage breaks? Or will he finally accept his place as a submissive cuckold to both his wife and their new owner?

Growing Along the Way: A Cuckold Will Only Go So Far (Book 3)

After the blistering anger that resulted from their last session, Julie is shocked at the reaction of her husband, Kasen. Her constant pushing, deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of his desire, had finally found an explosive bottom as he drove off, abandoning his wife on the steps of the home they used to share. When he finally comes home, Julie and the Chief will find a different person returning, one bent only on REVENGE. The submissive cuckold that left, so viciously used and tormented for their pleasure, has decided he’s had enough. Can Kasen break Julie away from the Chief? Will she discover the love they shared is more important than the pleasure? Will the Chief willingly let go no matter what Kasen tries? Or must Kasen find a different path in his life that doesn’t include his beloved wife, lost forever to her own needs? Find out in the explosive finale to His Cuckold Life.

A GK Grayson Cuckold / BDSM Story


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