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JORDAN SMITHSON: Macy Takes Control 2 - Now available!

The latest from Jordan. Book 2 of a captivating two-part series that challenges the boundaries of trust, love, and lust.

A Jordan Smithson Hard Cuckold / BDSM / MMF Story.

In the gripping conclusion to their enthralling journey, Terence finds himself consumed by the desire to witness his wife, Macy, in the passionate embrace of another man. As their exploration of domination and submission takes an unexpected turn, they approach a pivotal weekend that will redefine their boundaries.

Terence grapples with the consequences of embracing this newfound level of control, questioning his place in Macy's evolving world. Will he be left with nothing if he allows Macy to pursue her deepest desires?

Step into the intoxicating world of Macy Takes Control: Getting What She Needs, the second book in the two-part series. Join Terence and Macy on a tumultuous path where trust, love, and lust are put to the ultimate test.


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