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GK Grayson: I Asked My Wife to Cuckold Me (Part 5) (

Our relationship was in shambles after her night with her bull, until... The unexpected conclusion to the 5-part series for Take My Wife - Please, on

When I finally confessed my desire for her to sleep with other men… to cuckold me, as they say… my wife was reluctant. She did not want to damage the great relationship we had built over the 12 years of our marriage. But I was quite insistent. Talked about it all the time.

Marcy had fully embraced me becoming her cuckold, spending the night with her lover, Garrick. He had brought in another friend the next morning to take her the way she wanted. Then he dropped a bomb on our relationship, telling me I would no longer would have any sexual relations with my wife. He controlled her now. Worse, my wife agreed. A growing anger filled me. No fucking way was THAT going to stand!


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