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GK Grayson: I Asked My Wife to Cuckold Me (Part 2) (

My fantasy comes undone as my wife gets ready for er first date. The 2nd of a 5-part series for Take My Wife - Please, on

When I finally confessed my desire for her to sleep with other men… to cuckold me, as they say… my wife was reluctant. But I was quite insistent. Talked about it all the time. Marcy has finally agreed to do it, after a major hunk at her office asked her out. Finding Garrick, it turns out, was the easy part. Now I had to accept what was happening. Luckily, my wife knew what I needed before I did, even if I wasn’t ready for what followed. As soon as the remaining guests left the party, Marcy was out on the deck, where I was still recovering from my conversation with Garrick. She had sent him out to my private spot for me to ask him if he would sleep with her. Imagine the gall of her requiring ME to ask him…


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