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GK GRAYSON: Venice Beach Loves Riley - New Book Out!

The first of the 3-book Riley series is out today. The next two will follow weekly.

A GK Grayson Free Use / Hitchhiking Story.


Riley was bored with school. A visit to California seemed just the answer. She had saved up enough to pay for a portion of the trip but did not want to drive her beat-up old car, and planes were still a little out of her reach without having to ask her parents for some cash. A hitch down the coast would be easy.

But Riley arrives on the Beach, she meets three roommates that introduce her to a new world of pleasure. Billie, who introduces her to a style of play she had never experienced. Mateo, who is willing to do anything to feed her growing need for more. And Bako, who discovers her real desire… to be taken in any way they want. And what Bako wants, Bako gets.

Join Riley as she hitchhikes her way to pleasure, in Venice Beach Loves Riley: Discovering FreeUse Can Be Fun, the first of a 3-book chronicle of her hitchhiking adventures.


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