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GK GRAYSON: Truckers Love Riley - New Book Out!

The 2nd of the 3-book Riley series is out today. The next comes next week.

A GK Grayson Free Use / Hitchhiking Story.


After her fun trip to Venice Beach last summer, Riley wanted to try another hitchhiking adventure. This time, she was heading to the National Parks in Utah. She mapped out the routes and looked at the Parks, even signed up for a season pass. As it turns out, she never made it to the parks…


Riley first gets picked up by a trucker named Bailey, from Alabama, who provides her an entry into sensual pleasure on the go. Then Caleb, a black trucker from Missoula, teaches her how domination and free use can be just as fun in Utah. She makes everything available whenever they want.


Join Riley as she hitchhikes her way to pleasure, in Truckers Love Riley: Finding Free Use Wherever She Can, the second of a 3-book chronicle of her hitchhiking adventures.


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