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GK Grayson: Capturing Her Dreams: Defiance (Book 3)

The last book in the Capturing Her Dreams trilogy is out.

Gavin now knew the mirror was involved in his wife’s strange behavior since bringing it into their home. Her growing lustful demands, insistence of facing the mirror whenever they made love, or even her growing attraction for Aaron, the college boy next door, seemed out of character for the woman he thought he knew for the 25 years of their marriage.

Blakely finally confessed to him that a 1,600-year-old incubus demon named Dagon was trapped inside.

What Gavin didn’t know was how strong the demon’s control over Blakely had grown. Dagon needed her to escape his hellish prison by exchanging places, sacrificing her life during the transition.

Dagon was now ready for his final attempt after pushing her down an erotic path that left her unable to stop.

Can Gavin and Aaron stop Dagon from taking Blakely from him? Or is it already too late?

Find out, in the exciting conclusion to ‘Capturing Her Dreams’!

A GK Grayson Erotic Horror Story


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