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Becoming a Mentor: Nora's Hotwife Journey

Nora was an elderly woman who helped a young couple get over a marital rough patch in my book, Mentoring Ellie. She introduced them to the hotwife lifestyle by mentoring Ellie and Carter on the importance of maintaining the ‘us’ in their relationship. Along the way, I gave hints about Nora’s hotwife experiences, and how her own husband, Benjamin, encouraged her to explore new sexual adventures, almost from the start of their marriage.

This book is not the second in a series exactly. Let’s call it a standalone ‘companion piece’ to the first book. The events here took place long before Ellie and Carter came along. Only Nora, Benjamin, and Manny remain.

I believe that Mentoring Ellie has become one of my most popular books because of the interplay between Nora and the young couple, and the wisdom she tried to offer along the way.

This is Nora’s journey to obtaining that wisdom, how she gathered the experience to become a mentor to Ellie. Her adventures were filled with both the joy of new discoveries and the heartache of finding her way in uncharted emotional waters. Enjoy the journey with her…


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