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My Wife’s Group Fantasy Fulfilled

MILF Set Free 1

Coming soon

A GK Grayson Wife Sharing Story

Shelly had this fantasy, you see. She shared it with her husband James soon after they were married. It really shocked him as she described it in such detail… and how many men she needed. He could barely believe his wife really wanted to do that. But she did. As they entered their 40s, she had begun pressing him to make that fantasy come true, before she was too old to attract the kind of men she wanted.

He didn’t know the first thing about group play, so James called a friend in the ‘lifestyle’ community. They sent him Darius and Rodrigo. Now, with two more friends, they are ready to make it a reality.

James just hopes his wife is prepared for what is coming. These guys seemed eager to give her everything she wished for… and more.

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