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Traveling With My Hotwife

A Swinging/FFM/MMF Story

MILF Set Free 1

A GK Grayson Swinging/FFM/MMF Story

Carter and Ellie decided to take a river cruise down the Rhine for a long delayed, and much needed, vacation.

By this time, Ellie had been a hotwife for over a year and her husband Carter was as thrilled with her adventures as she was. He wondered if the play would continue during their travels. He needn’t have worried as Ellie was already on the hunt at their first port of call.

It wasn’t until they boarded the cruise ship and discovered a like-minded Cruise Director and Captain, that their play moved to another level. As they traveled down the Rhine, their new partners push both Ellie and Carter in unexpected directions.

This book features characters from my ‘Mentoring Ellie’ story.


'The Evolution of Marriage' series.

These couples know that something needs to change in their relationship. They want to push away their 'late married blues' and dull sex lives to find a fresh path.

These efforts often involve risk and emotional turmoil, but each couple finds themselves unable to resist the tug of desire as their marriage evolves into their own unique journey.

This 6-book series examines the different paths these couples take in finding what they wanted; for each other, and for themselves. The results are often explosively erotic!

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