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The True Submissive 2

Learning to Submit

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Kelly's Training (Book 2)

A Jordan Smithson BDSM Story

Kelly Martinson was standing at the curb waiting for the driver. When she agreed to become a submissive-in-training for Alejandro and Camila Hernandez, she knew the broad outline of what she was getting into. The four-week program, the promised pleasure and pain, but not the details. How strongly she reacted to the stimulation came as a complete surprise.

Kelly was what Alejandro called a True Submissive, a person who would find sexual fulfillment by giving up complete control to another. And were they ever right! They taught her the connection between pleasure and pain and, of course, the wonders of subspace, that moment when the submissive surrenders completely to the sensations.

The next couple of weeks promised to be more intensely pleasurable and painful than the first, especially now that she had fallen in love with their son Adrian. Her sex was already dripping with arousal, the anticipation keeping her body on edge. She could not imagine what they would produce next, or how they could top the previous week. Being a True Submissive had become her life. What did they have in store for her next?

Also available as part of Kelly's Training, a 3-book bundle of the complete The True Submissive series.

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