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The True Submissive

A Story of BDSM Discovery

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Kelly's Training (Book 1)

A Jordan Smithson BDSM Story

Kelly is a 19-year-old college student that accidentally runs into a car in a parking lot. This commonplace event introduced her to the Hernandez family. They recognized her immediately for what she was: a true submissive.

They invited her into their BDSM world to help her realize the full potential of her gift. Kelly agreed to take part in their four-week training program.

Can she submit to their sexual will, giving herself to them completely? Or is her head-strong nature too much to be contained?

The first of the Kelly's Training trilogy.

Also available as part of Kelly's Training, a 3-book bundle of the complete The True Submissive series.

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