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The Nudge

A Paranormal Thriller

MILF Set Free 1

A George Keith Paranormal Thriller

Logan and his wife, Mackenzie, have found their quiet life under assault by a telepath who sees himself as an enforcer for their kind.

The quiet life they had built hid a dark secret. What Mackenzie didn't know was that Logan was a telepath himself, gifted with the ability to ‘nudge’ people to do what he wants. He had sworn never to use it on her or his children.

Unfortunately, he had used it on others over the years and may deserve the attention of Axel, the self-appointed enforcer. Logan has been a very naughty boy.

He must now tell his wife of his secret abilities and enlist her efforts to save himself and his family. Luckily, now that she knows, his talents come with extra benefits in bed that Mackenzie learns to enjoy very much.

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