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The New Employee is a Big Deal

A Cooking Club Hotwife Adventure

MILF Set Free 1

A GK Grayson Hotwife / Size Queen Romance

Rick Smithson recently graduated from college and has secured his first real IT job with Wiley Windows. He’s a fit and handsome young man eager to share his enormous… talents. 

Little does he know there is a secret hotwife group inside the company, gathering under the guise of the Wiley Cooking Club. Formed years ago to spot hot young talent, all club members are excited about their latest discovery. The promising stud from IT that may feature BIG in their ‘recipe sharing’ this year.

Come along and discover how the members try every technique they know to add this tasty ingredient into their husband’s favorite recipes. They all want their own full measure of IT support.

Everyone except Jamie from HR. Jamie may have committed the one mistake every member knows is unacceptable. Falling in love…

The New Employee is a Big Deal is a humorous and sizzling romp as Rick first fends off the unexpected advances of the WCC members! Come join the fun as the recipe sharing heats up quickly... with Rick as the main ingredient! 

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