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Taken at the Fraternity Party

MILF Set Free 1

A Jordan Smithson Interracial / Hard Cuckold Story

Josh wanted to show off his new fiancée at the year-end fraternity party. But the party dress he bought Sara is so revealing, it uncovers a dark desire in him she had not recognized before. He wanted more than flirting, especially with Marcus, the star basketball player, who joined his house at the beginning of the year. As she looks in the mirror, getting ready, she discovers a desire of her own. A desire to give her future husband exactly what they both want!

The dress did its job. She got plenty of attention, especially from Marcus and Trayvon. They wanted to explore more of what she was offering. For Josh, the situation was spinning out of control, faster than he expected.

Sara no longer cared. She only knew what her body was telling her… How much it would change her relationship with her future husband was something they could discuss later.

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