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Sharing Stacy

A Wife Sharing Bundle of the Stacy Emerges series

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Stacy Emerges (4-book Bundle)

A GK Grayson Wife Sharing Story

This is a collection of stories from the Stacy Emerges series, containing four previously released books:

When my wife and I started talking about inviting Ethan into our bed, the idea was to help a frustrated friend who was stuck in an unhappy marriage. The idea seemed simple and fun, maybe adding some spice to our own 14 year marriage. With my imagination and Stacy's fantastic body, what could go wrong? Stacy, for one. She and Ethan were already friendly. Talking her into taking her clothes off would be a major feat! Could our marriage and friendship survive a weekend of experimentation? I sure hope so...

The threesome with Ethan had awakened something inside Stacy that Stan was struggling to comprehend. Stacy came out a different lover, her sexual appetite growing with each orgasm. Can their marriage survive?

Stacy has been completely transformed, discovering a love for group sex and submission. Now, she has become addicted to both the pleasure and the pain. We are once again dancing on the edge between desire-fulfillment and danger. Can we stay on that edge as Stacy seeks total submission?

Stacy had been seeking wilder sex since their threesome with Ethan four years before, but now the New Stacy wants even more - more cock, more pain, more stimulation. The challenge: she was moving faster than Stan was willing to go. Can he protect her as that desire grows into something more?

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