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My Husband Has His Cherry Popped

A First-Time Gay Tale of Submission

MILF Set Free 1

A GK Grayson MMF / Submissive Story

Travis and I had been experimenting with new kinks after 15 years of marriage. I was sure he would enjoy something out of the ordinary to follow this submissive path he had chosen. It took me a while, but I had finally become the mistress he needed.

When I suggested we celebrate my husband’s birthday at a drag show, where my gay friend Carl was performing as ‘Carmela’, I knew it wasn’t his ideal birthday celebration. But I have a plan to give my husband something he doesn’t even realize he needs while feeding my own desires.

The idea of watching him with Carl got me so hot I worried about myself!

I wanted Carl to help me dominate my submissive husband. Unfortunately, as we got started, emotions got in the way. Now, nothing is happening as I had planned. Or is it?



These couples know that something needs to change in their relationship. They want to push away their ‘late married blues’ and dull sex lives to find a fresh path.

These efforts often involve risk and emotional turmoil, but each couple finds themselves unable to resist the tug of desire as their marriage evolves into their own unique journey.

In Season 2, we find unexpected paths, kinks long hidden, and desires waiting to be unleashed. 

This 6-book series examines these different paths. Even though the route is unique, the results remain explosively erotic!

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