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Loving My Best Friend's Wife

An Unconventional Love Story

MILF Set Free 1

A GK Grayson Wife Sharing / BDSM Story

When my best friend Rich asked me to take care of his wife's needs while he was away on business, I thought he was kidding. Caitlin’s needs? But when I met with them both to talk about what that included, she surprised me with her enthusiasm for the idea. Turns out, her needs included sharing my bed, my heart, and so much more.

This simple request started us on a six-month odyssey that would change us all. Her need for pleasure, control and submission, even later impact play, was greater than any of us foresaw.

As my deep love for her grows, my desire to satisfy her hunger is only rivaled by that of her husband. Can Rich and I work together to give Caitlin just what she needs?

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