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Kelly's Training

The True Submissive Collection

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Kelly's Training (3-Book Bundle)

A Jordan Smithson BDSM Story

This is a bundle of the entire Kelly’s Training series, containing three previously released books.

When Kelly accidentally runs into a car in a parking lot, this mishap brings her into a BDSM world she did not even know existed. The Hernandez family wants to help her realize the full potential of her gift. Join Kelly, as she explores this new world of pleasure and pain, to find her place as a True Submissive.

The True Submissive: Week 1, a Story of BDSM Discovery (Book 1)
Kelly is a 19-year-old college student that accidentally runs into a car in a parking lot. This commonplace event introduced her to the Hernandez family. They recognized her immediately for what she was: a true submissive. They invited her into their BDSM world to help her realize the full potential of her gift. Kelly agreed to take part in their four-week training program. Can she submit to their sexual will, giving herself to them completely? Or is her head-strong nature too much to be contained?

The True Submissive 2: Learning to Submit (Book 2)
When Kelly agreed to become a submissive-in-training for Alejandro and Camila Hernandez, she knew the broad outline of what she was getting into. The four-week program, the promised pleasure and pain, but not the details. How strongly she reacted to the stimulation came as a complete surprise. Kelly was what Alejandro called a True Submissive, a person who would find sexual fulfillment by giving up complete control to another. The next couple of weeks promised to be more intensely pleasurable and painful than the first, especially now that she had fallen in love with their son Adrian. Being a True Submissive had become her life. What did they have in store for her next?

The True Submissive 3: Giving Her All (Book 3)
Kelly has completed three weeks of her submissive training. She is now ready for her public debut at a BDSM Club. But being a True Submissive is a rare and valuable commodity. She is about to discover the hard way that others covet what she is and will do anything to possess her.

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