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Eileen Set Free

Discovering Her Own Desires

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Being Set Free (Book 3)

A GK Grayson Hotwife/Age Gap/Interracial Story

Adley’s curvy neighbor, Eileen, watched the new men traipsing in next door. And after one look at Darrell and his friends, she has now decided a little freedom would work for her as well. 

Her husband, Hugo, was not so sure…

This is the 3rd in my series about women in their 40s whose husbands set them free to explore new sexual desires. Each husband comes to understand that their own sex drive had fallen just as the wife’s was growing. The resulting mismatch was becoming a major conflict in their marriage. These husbands took a radical step to set them free… free to release the sexual creature they have so carefully hidden inside.

Also available as part of Being Set Free, a 3-book bundle of the complete Being Set Free series.

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