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Deeper Along the Way

A Cuckold Learns His Place

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: His Cuckold Life (Book 2)

A Jordan Smithson BDSM/Hard Cuckold Story

Julie has been pushing her husband Kasen further down into the rabbit hole of his cuckold desires. Each fall to a lower stage leaves him feeling more powerless, yet even more aroused. Along the way, he has discovered a love of submission to his wife’s growing needs.

Now, a new player has entered their cozy world. A man who takes them in unexpected directions. A man who comes to own them both.

How much deeper can Kasen and Julie go before their marriage breaks? Or will he finally accept his place as a submissive cuckold to both his wife and their new owner?

The second of a three-part series, His Cuckold Life.

Also available as part of the Learning to Love Along the Way bundle, a 3-book bundle of the complete His Cuckold Life series.

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