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A Brighter Future

A Love Story of Renewal

MILF Set Free 1

Coming in late January 2024

A George Keith Romance

After his wife died of cancer, Hudson needed to break away from his overwhelming grief. He decided a long road trip was just what he needed. Along the way, as life would have it, he picked up a hitchhiker. Now Riley… she has a different take on life than Hudson’s grieving widower. Together, they discover new possibilities for life… and for love.

This is a story of a growing May/December romance, a travelogue, and the halting attempts of a person to find peace after losing someone very dear.

Both Hudson and Riley are broken in totally different ways. As they travel across the US, they are both wondering if a relationship is possible, for either of them, ever again.

Enjoy their journey, as they learn the universal truth for us all: together is the key.

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