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JORDAN SMITHSON: Finding the Courage

Kasen stared at Rich, wondering what to do. The children were inside. He could hear a cry for help. Six weeks on the job hadn’t prepared him for this…

This story is the prologue to my book, Growing Along the Way. part of the His Cuckold Life 3-book series. This is a hard cuckold/BDSM tale of a firefighter and his wife Julie, who discovers a way to dispel the long-married blues of their relationship. What they find suits Julie just fine as her desire for more grows. Kasen isn’t as welcoming of these changes. He descends into a life of harsh cuckold torment and submission he didn’t even know existed, increasingly wondering how he fits in this new world of her sensuaIn the first two books of the series, Kasen is pushed harder down the ‘rabbit hole’ of his wife’s growing desire… and his own.

After the blistering anger that resulted from their last session in BOOK 2, Deeper Along the Way, Julie is shocked at the reaction of her husband. Her constant pushing had finally found an explosive bottom as he drove off, abandoning his wife on the steps of the home they used to share.

When he finally comes home, Julie and the Chief will find a different person returning, one bent only on one thing... revenge! The submissive cuckold that left, so viciously used and tormented for their pleasure, has decided he’s had enough.


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