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GK GRAYSON: NEW BOOK: My Wife Meets Her Bull at the Country Bar

This is the first book in the new THE EVOLUTION OF MARRIAGE | SEASON TWO series. All six books in the series are now available for sale or pre-order.

A GK Grayson Hotwife Story

After all our fantasy sessions, Peyton had waited long enough for me to decide whether all this talk was just talk, or leading to something more. We had been playing with this idea of her becoming my hotwife for years. She was ready to make it a reality, even if I still had reservations.

We had an arrangement, you see! We would go to the bar, she would invite the guy to do something in the parking lot, then she would bring him home so I could watch. But as soon as she met the guy, all those careful plans lie in ruin as she drove off with him, smiling at me through the rear window. What was I supposed to do now?


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