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Finding My Inner Hotwife

This is an attractively priced bundle of three previously released books of wife-sharing stories.

When their husbands encourage them to explore new sexual directions, these wives go along reluctantly. Join them for their wild ride as they discover an inner hotwife they did not know existed. Now they cannot live without the pleasure.

Catching a Big One

I knew my wife liked large ‘tools’, almost from the day we got married. We honeymooned at a resort where one guy showed her a full 10-inch monstrosity. We had the best sex that week as she played out her fantasy. Now, in our married mid-30s, I was looking for a way to jumpstart our torpid love life and remembered Mr. Big. Maybe I could catch a big one for her to enjoy… for real this time. What I didn’t know, is how much she would enjoy it.

His Cuckold Craving

Reese discovered her husband’s secret stash of links on his computer. What she found astonished her. Jonathan wanted to be a cuckold. He had a strong craving for her to be taken by another man while we forced him to watch. She surprised him by making these dark fantasies a reality. Unexpectedly for him, the action veers quickly off course, as Reese and Angel, the bull she found, push their new cuckold in a direction Jonathan had not envisioned, as Reese discovers how much she likes it.

My Hotwife Inside

When my husband, Parker, told me he fantasized about my becoming a hotwife, I told him he was crazy. Then I accidentally found out my parents had been a hotwife/cuckold couple for over a decade. Reconciling the shock of my parents with my own desire was a struggle. Much to my surprise, I discovered a hotwife buried deep inside. Like mother, like daughter, for sure. And now I want to let my hotwife out to run. As my folks’ stumble with their worsening family situation, can Parker and I satisfy my growing needs without the same chaos?

A Bundle of GK Grayson Hotwife Stories


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