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Talia's Hotwife Adventures

The Complete Series

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Talia's Hotwife Adventures (Five-book Bundle)

A GK Grayson Hotwife/Cuckold Story

This is a collection of the entire Talia’s Hotwife Adventures series, containing five previously released books.


When Talia found out her husband, Chad, fantasized about her becoming a hotwife, she went along, thinking it would spice up their long-married sex life. Then she met Ulrik… Chad suddenly worried things had spun out of control, as her growing desire pivoted fantasy into hard reality. For Talia, she saw this as the beginning of a new phase of their relationship. Ulrik opened her imagination to many more hotwife adventures. For Chad, his own arousal at this deeply hidden ‘fantasy come to life’ battles with a growing fear of losing everything they have as a couple. Can their marriage survive as they are both pulled into this new lifestyle for their own very different reasons?


Talia loved her new hotwife status, enjoying her fun with Ulrik. Now, she has invited her husband, Chad, to join them in an overnight session. She wants her two men to share her for the night. Chad is not so sure. The shock of seeing his wife taken by another man turns out to be harder to accept than he thought.


A busy spring had left Chad and Talia ready for a break. They went where they always go for local fun: Bear Lake. A fun weekend of camping and hiking was just what they needed. But when they came back to camp from the first day of hiking, college guys had set up their own camps, surrounding them on all sides. They were ready to have fun doing the same thing. They talked to the guys around the nightly campfire. That got Talia wondering… What if she invited them to join her hotwife adventures? They had been talking about a group thing, anyway! Chad could only nod his head and laugh. What else could a cuckold do?


Management offers Chad a lead role at his company. Talia asked how she could help land the job. In a lunch with the CEO, Andrew Flowers, and her husband, she used some of her new hotwife skills to provide the incentive. Little did she know her implicit offer would lead Talia and Chad into Andrew’s sensual world. Along the way, she discovers deep pleasure that challenges their commitment to each other?


After being a hotwife for a year, and experiencing many new pleasures, Talia wants to let go completely, offering herself to a group for an entire weekend of freeuse. Her husband, Chad, reluctantly agrees. But when the guys add BigPlay to the mix, and her favorite bull shows up, she wonders if she made the right choice! Especially as both Talia and Chad learn what freeuse really means. Neither were quite ready for this!

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