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Macy Takes Control: Discovering His Need

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: Macy Takes Control (Book 1)

A Jordan Smithson Hard Cuckold / BDSM / MMF Story

Terence has always yearned to witness his wife in the passionate embrace of another man. Macy, after much contemplation, agrees to fulfill his long-cherished fantasy with one condition – that Terence becomes her willing cuckold, surrendering himself entirely to her desires.

Yet, Macy's vision of control delves much deeper than Terence ever anticipated, resembling femdom more than conventional wife-sharing. It traverses the realms of domination and submission, pushing Terence further into uncharted territory, where he willingly succumbs to Macy's irresistible power.

Amid this exploration of dominance and submission, can their 13-year marriage withstand Macy's journey into the depths of Terence's true desires? As he grapples with the choice of embracing this newfound level of control, the fate of their union hangs in the balance.

Join them in Macy Takes Control: Discovering His Need, Book 1 of a captivating two-part series that challenges the boundaries of trust, love, and lust.

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