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Beth Wants Submission

A Wife Sharing / MMF / BDSM Romance

MILF Set Free 1

SERIES: What Beth Wants (Book 2)

A GK Grayson Wife Sharing / MMF / BDSM Story

Three years ago, I offhandedly told my wife, Beth, about a gay experience I had in college. After hearing my story, she went from aroused to ‘on fire’ in what seemed like milliseconds. After that we went looking for opportunities for her to watch me do it again. And we did, over and over.

These play sessions, we came to call them, have since become a regular part of our sex life and I discovered my bisexual tendencies, enjoying sex with both men and women. Along the way, Beth discovered I fell naturally into a submissive posture with the guys.

She now wants to watch me submit in more ways. She said I was a ‘natural’ submissive, that if I allowed that to come out, I would enjoy the sex better. She was right. I was a very natural sub and the more I experienced submissive sex, the more fun I had. Then she wanted to see if my submission included love of pleasure/pain as well. She wanted to watch that very much. And as we know, what Beth wants…

The second of a two-part series, What Beth Wants.

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